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About Open-Root

Case studies

The Canadian Tamil Sports Association http://ctsa.te
The Canadian Tamil Sports Association, the CTSA, organizes sporting activities for young people in the Toronto area, where the largest concentration of Tamils outside of Southeast Asia are living.
The website with TLD .te is dedicated to the Tamil diaspora, the .ca to the local population.
Bulgarian Government Gazette http://правителство.бг
Bulgarian government portal, in Cyrillic and with a TLD in .Бг, rejected by ICANN.
You could find all decrees, orders and decisions approved by the governments of Bulgaria from 1990 to today, as well as news and links to all government websites.
League of Indian Nations of North America http://gov.linna/
League of Indian Nations is a non-profit organization representing all North America Indian nations. Since 1991 League of Indian Nations is an organization of non-profit representing all nations of North America. Recognized since 1991 by the Canadian Constitution it aims to support and assist its members in recognition of acquired rights treaties, including fishing and hunting.
“I am a trapper. It was left to me by my father and grandfather and today I continue to trap and hunt and live off the land. Hunting is in my blood – it is not a sport, it is my INHERENT RIGHT”. (President and Standing Chief, Patrick J Sarrazin)
Wikipedia in Kurdish http://wikipedia.ku
Same website with this address - http://ku.wikipedia.org/wiki/ - but more intuitive and shorter for populations covered by these contents.
The Commonwealth http://cw.cw
The Commonwealth is a 53 independent states volunteer organization. These countries have come together to form an association with some common aims. A Secretary General takes care of the day-to-day matters of the Commonwealth of Nations. But, the United Kingdom or the Secretary General does not have any direct or indirect control over these countries. In fact, almost all the 54 members are independent countries with their own governments. Although half of its members are now small states with less than one million inhabitants, the Commonwealth is still nearly a quarter of the world’s population and a third of the UN members. The total population of all the 53 countries of the Commonwealth is 1.975 billion.
For several years the Commonwealth Secretary General, based in London, uses an open root in .CW and can communicate with its representatives all around the world with a simple and intuitive URL. If ICANN proposes the .CW extension it is reserved for entities with an official presence in Curaçao, which is not a Commonwealth member.