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Global Internet Governance at Mexico Colmex 30.11.2016
Before the Forum of Internet Governance (IGF) to be held in Guadalajara (Mexico) from 5 to 9 December 2016, Louis Pouzin give a Conference on Global Internet Governance - Mexico COLMEX (www.colmex.mx). _ _ This conference will start at 16h (Mexico City time) with English / Spanish... | More
Louis Pouzin awarded Digital Man of the Year... in Armenia 15.11.2016
Louis received a Global IT Award on November 8th during an official ceremony held in the residence of Armenia’ President. Among the latest recipients are Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (2011) and Eugene Kaspersky (2015). Louis Pouzin, the inventor of the datagram, algorithm that is the basis... | More
Lovie Awards: Louis Pouzin received a lifetime achievement awardd 18.11.2015
On November 12th of this year, Louis Pouzin received Lovie Awards in London for his whole career and especially for Datagram invention, the internet technical base. A technology which has not yet been perfected for over 40 years.. In front of young people audience and in a festive... | More
ICANN & nice monopoly 1.06.2015
ICANN has built itself a nice monopoly, with very little outside influence or control. Now it wants to reduce that to "zero" outside influence or control. The community and the US Government should decline to do so. (PS: The community has little or no say over this.) How global DNS... | More
Global Civil Society launches the Internet Social Forum with a call to occupy the Internet 24.01.2015
A group of civil society organisations from around the world has announced the Internet Social Forum, to bring together and articulate bottom-up perspectives on the ’Internet we want’. Taking inspiration from the World Social Forum, and its clarion call, ’Another World is possible’, the group... | More
Internet governance : what next ? 1.07.2014
Internet Governance has been the topic of endless discussion since the WSIS preparation was launched in 2001. Most States insist on having equal say in decisions bearing not only on technical matters, but also on public policy, and economic and societal matters, at both national and... | More
See EUROLINC’ Internet Gouvernance Conference 11.06.2014
The tsunami following Edward Snowden’s revelations did foster quite legitimate questions. Meetings, summits were held or will be held, leading to decisions bearing on our relationship with internet, nationally and internationally. We need to assess and anticipate the impact of decisions, as... | More
Net Neutrality and Quality of Service 25.10.2013
The original meaning of the word internet has drifted from packet switching infrastructure to anything using it. Net neutrality has no technical definition. We summarize the positions of operators, content providers and users. The lack of well defined operator service and non committing... | More
From the early days of WSIS preparation a sticky issue was raised and remains unresolved, that of financing the participation of less developed countries (LDC) in the various meetings generated by the WSIS process. So far no practical solution has been found. Internet Governance Forum (IGF)... | More
IGF: Dark clouds over Bali 27.07.2013
Less than three months before next IGF meeting in Bali, Indonesian government does not want to host the UN summit. Rumors were immediately spread on internet. To cut short, Markus Kummer, IGF and MAG (Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group)’ Chairman, makes a point. Dear all, It is great to see so... | More
A browser dedicated to the New TLDs 27.05.2013
Miroslav Sekera, a Czech techcomputer, developed Glueo startup now focuses on ICANN New TLDs. A new browser comes to be born - www.junglenavigator.com - only dedicated to Internet TLDs. A website that presents interesting features such as a glossary and a clear punycode translator (transcript... | More
Web Science 2013, May 2-4th in Paris 28.04.2013
WebScience, six years on from its original declaration and claim staking, is still a young and emerging community. The territory is being marked, researchers and academics are collecting and analysing data and publications and academic debates are emerging. The observations of ‘Academic tribes... | More
Open-Root meeting at MEDEF IdF 20.04.2013
Monday, April 2013 22 - from 17:30 to 19:30 - in Paris (France), Mondays meeting dedicated to the Economic Intelligence theme was: Open Roots: A new economic model for the naming of the Internet presented by Louis Pouzin, inventor of the datagram, and Chantal Lebrument, DNS manager. Louis... | More
ICANN gTLD Applicant drops out on .CHARTIS 25.02.2013
Minimize costs, consolidate its international websites under one banner, allow public direct access to qualified content, highlight products and information, reduce potential nuisances of embezzlement, counterfeiting ... No, this is not an Open-Root advertisement but the specifications that... | More
Thought for the future 4.01.2013
In the 70s, the invention of datagram by Louis Pouzin, in the Cyclades network, has enabled the development of TCP / IP. In an article, the U.S. site Wired explains the originality of this invention which served as a model to Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn and led to the creation of the Internet as we... | More
Does UE rejects ICANN’s authority? 27.11.2012
The European Commission sent today a letter to all applicants of the new gTLD program of ICANN and ICANN’s members. For the sake of clarity, the Commission does not consider itself legally bound by the processes, including means of recourse, outlined in the new gTLD Applicant Guidebook and/or... | More
Reinventing a Digital Brand Strategy 20.11.2012
Digital brand strategist Jennifer Wolfe and former US Commissioner of Trademarks Anne Chasser, the leading gTLD digital brand strategy firm, today announced the release of "Domain Names Rewired", dedicated to the News gTLDs. This book is the first to detail the most critical digital... | More
Internet in 2015 by infographics 20.11.2012
The Internet is about to experience a paradigm shift as it explodes from 21 Top Level Domains (TLDs) into an ever-expanding realm of thousands of generic TLDs (gTLDs). The ICANN future internet is taking shape and you will find here infographics with the new majors of tomorrow made by Cabinet... | More
A rough take-off 31.10.2012
Since October 2012 ICANN has to face four complaints that could have consequences in blocking hundreds of names. This is actually the result of ICANN’s behavior with open roots since its creation. The Name Space’s complaint is interesting, especially the three lists of names found at the end of... | More
The Secret Life of the Internet 29.10.2012
These parameters are a click away and everyone can repeat Jon Postel’s "test" in his office or in his home. Moreover, there are a number of websites that are accessed with an IP address without passing through the ICANN root. The internet is still very imperfect and evolving. The opening of... | More
The Innovation Award 20.10.2012
For this he had just sent an email to the internet managers of the other 12 servers in the world asking asking them to change the IP address of the machine "A" enshrined in its zone file by his own machine address. This was done without discussion and worked very well and ... caused a scandal.... | More