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A browser dedicated to the New TLDs

27.05.2013 | News

Miroslav Sekera, a Czech techcomputer, developed Glueo startup now focuses on ICANN New TLDs. A new browser comes to be born - www.junglenavigator.com - only dedicated to Internet TLDs. A website that presents interesting features such as a glossary and a clear punycode translator (transcript of Unicode in ASCII) where you can translate Cyrillic, Chinese or another words to get the encoding used by the IDNs.

But the most remarkable is the clear and logical presentation of the New TLDs ICANN program : you have the example of what may be a new Google at your fingertips.
For now, links provide all ICANN program documents, which is quantity of interesting data.
But, Open-Root and other operators Roots Open can only be highly interested in the Miroslav Sekera initiative and in its startup, Glueo.

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