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A rough take-off

31.10.2012 | News
The new TLDs process faces many obstacles. The slowness of the operation launched in 2008, its complexity (no less than 8 Applicant Guide Book which at least 2 since the closure of applications) and the prohibitive costs that exclude 9/10e of the world are not the sole concerns the root current manager.

Since October 2012 ICANN has to face four complaints that could have consequences in blocking hundreds of names. This is actually the result of ICANN’s behavior with open roots since its creation.

The Name Space’s complaint is interesting, especially the three lists of names found at the end of the document:

  • A - names requested to ICANN in 2000, remained unanswered.
  • B - names marketed by Name Space.
  • C - 189 conflictual ’s TLDs marketed by Name Space before ICANN

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