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ICANN gTLD Applicant drops out on .CHARTIS

25.02.2013 | News

Minimize costs, consolidate its international websites under one banner, allow public direct access to qualified content, highlight products and information, reduce potential nuisances of embezzlement, counterfeiting ...

No, this is not an Open-Root advertisement but the specifications that the US American International Group had planned to support its application for the .CHARTIS TLD.
Sigh, in the random draw setting the order of file processing, .AIG drew the nr.174, while .CHARTIS was relegated to nr.1782 out of 1931. This meant postponing a launch indefinitely. So, AIG preferred to throw in the towel and withdraw rather than losing even more money. The insurance company hopes to be reimbursed for $ 130,000 on the $ 185,000 paid to ICANN for submitting their file, the equivalent of 13 Open Root TLDs...

This is the 21st extension for which the applicants have requested a withdrawal. Mistrust of the procedure, of its duration and inconsistencies? Policy change?

Are there potential customers for Open-Root and for TLDs one can get within a few months and atrates closer to the humble reality of the economy.


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