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Louis Pouzin awarded Digital Man of the Year... in Armenia

15.11.2016 | News

Louis received a Global IT Award on November 8th during an official ceremony held in the residence of Armenia’ President. Among the latest recipients are Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (2011) and Eugene Kaspersky (2015).

Louis Pouzin, the inventor of the datagram, algorithm that is the basis of the internet we use, was received during a week on an official visit to Armenia where the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister handed him the " Global Award for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT ".

This annual prize is awarded "to an individual whose internationally acclaimed contributions to IT have resulted in near-revolutionary or revolutionary developments that have positively impacted or hold the potential to positively impact humanity."

Last year, Queen Elizabeth received Louis Pouzin for the third time. Who says that no one is a prophet in his own country?

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