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Lovie Awards: Louis Pouzin received a lifetime achievement awardd

18.11.2015 | News

On November 12th of this year, Louis Pouzin received Lovie Awards in London for his whole career and especially for Datagram invention, the internet technical base.
A technology which has not yet been perfected for over 40 years.

In front of young people audience and in a festive atmosphere, Louis Pouzin was acclaimed during these 5th Lovie Awards ceremony at the London’ BPI.

A surprise for this engineer / ingenious that the datagram invention and the creation of the Cyclades network laid the technological foundation of today’s Internet.
After a speech that ended with a standing ovation Louis Pouzin responded to numerous requests from participants.

The [Lovie Awards said they honored Louis Pouzin with a Lifetime Achievement Award "in celebration and recognition of his groundbreaking work in creating Cyclades, which greatly infuenced the future developement of TCP/IP protocol.
With the simplicity that Cyclades brought so early on to packet transfert and receipt, Pouzin thus defined one of the key cornerstones of the internet’s design, and it is one that fossilised, but should continue to evolve and grow. He demonstrates a lifeling vision of openness and technical elegance taht still powers the internet as we know it today.

An animation was created for this opportunity to explain the importance of the datagram . datagramme and explain to younger generations (and other) simplicity of its operation.

Definitely, after meeting for the 3rd time Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last 22th, October, some conclude that English people know how to recognize the contribution of Louis Pouzin to the greatest technological development in recent decades.

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