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See EUROLINC’ Internet Gouvernance Conference

11.06.2014 | News
Next June, 18th & 19th , EUROLINC and Forum Atena are organizing a conference: "What Governance ... for what internet?"
An exceptional panel will consider all aspects of our digital life: Pierre Bellanger, Philippe Lemoine, Louis Pouzin, Benjamin Bayart, Robin Wilton and other stakeholders will speech at this event.

The tsunami following Edward Snowden’s revelations did foster quite legitimate questions. Meetings, summits were held or will be held, leading to decisions bearing on our relationship with internet, nationally and internationally.

We need to assess and anticipate the impact of decisions, as well as of new trends ; we have to influence the governance of our future internet, and more globally of the growing digital society ; come and debate, get informed.

Plenary session - June, 18th - 5:50PM to 9:30PM
Campus Eiffel - ECE - 10 rue Sextius Michel, 75015 Paris

Workshops - June, 19th – 9:00AM to 4:30PM
ESME Sudria
40-42 Rue du Docteur Roux, 75015 Paris

See Program in French

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