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About Open-Root

The Secret Life of the Internet

29.10.2012 | News
Did you know that by default, all Windows and Mac computers are configured with pre-installed ICANN settings of IP addresses. It is a manufacturer’s choice, not a technical one.

These parameters are a click away and everyone can repeat Jon Postel’s "test" in his office or in his home. Moreover, there are a number of websites that are accessed with an IP address without passing through the ICANN root.

The internet is still very imperfect and evolving. The opening of Pandora’s Box that represents the ICANN new TLDs project will only foster the emergence of new providers. There is place for everyone. The obstacle is cultural and not technical or financial, the real cost - still unknown – for the root management is estimated a few thousand euros per year. Far skyrocketing prices charged by ICANN. A choice drifting towards different speeds internet, selecting happy few only on economic criteria: the Vanity Plates of the Net.

Taking Jon Postel’s scheme and his followers, Open-Root and its network of distributed servers all over five continents offers a new business model: selling rather than rentinf TLDs. This approach saves customers recurrent costs and the risk of losing their names.
With justified purchasing costs, a free management of second level domain names, booking a TLD puts and end for getting one’s own choice...
Open-Root offers a new business model in a world where competition do not exist.

- The test of Jon Postel in 1998
- Experience in open root

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