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Our Offer

Review the Internet naming

What we propose is a different way of conceiving the Internet naming a conceptual break with the existing:
  • Open-Root sells TLDs (all spellings) and does not rent (no annual subscription, neither more "lost" name).
  • The user is free to use this TLD to their needs and create their domain names, without limitation:
    • Dissemination of TLD only to his community, his clients
    • Organization as he wishes its TLD, its internal naming
    • No limit to the number of extensions requested. The customer chooses the names needed.

Open-Root’ root is used outside of ICANN and opens the Root Internet naming in all written forms.

Now you can buy one’s TLD at an affordable price creates a new economic model for a fairer distribution of treasures. It a new way of appropriating one’s Internet and to develop its own use. No more research for available domain name, prohibitive expenses nor competition in the arms race to launch a project or a brand.
Open-Root’s root has existed now for more than ten years and has demonstrated its robustness and resilience.

One Root, all routes... Finally use all network capabilities