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Prioritize one’s communities

Open-Root allows you to launch communication activities, such as direct marketing, for example by sending a code to access your products, invitations, conferences, venues, and your target.
Being the first has always been a competitive advantage.

Open-Root is quick and easy to implement, you will be online before the new extensions provided by ICANN.

Another advantage of having a custom extension, outside the ICANN system, prevents the uncontrolled release of confidential documents by Google.

It also allows a customized management one’s service providers or a target population.

In addition, a root-free extension can avoid problems with keyboards in multilingualism ... which begins with access to an Internet URL. Having a private network that uses all the paths of the Internet with possible extensions in all alphabets can reach users in faraway areas where access to a URL with a non-English keyboard is not obvious.

View Case Studies, "Bulgarian Government Gazette"

There are many gated communities on the Internet - Facebook, Tweeter, etc. - and in those spaces you cannot choose your neighbor, you have to adapt. Create your own communities, permanent or just for a party; take control of your desires. Family circles, friends, fans, etc. can communicate with a custom TLD Open-Root. It opens all web networks ... in privacy.

With Open-Root, go ahead!