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Towards new internet uses

Buying TLDs and deciding freely the creation of its second level internet domain names opens new perspectives in the management of brand portfolio or the implementation of a project.

Opening the name space is really an opportunity to communicate with intuitive terms. You could create a new internet environment, more ergonomic, open to all: individuals, small businesses, not for-profit companies, industry. With ultimately better controlling the choice of your TLDs and your budget.

Gone is the default choice

Creating TLDs for your needs, freely and unconstrained can change the user’s behavior when creating an online medium. You define exactly what you need in the language and script of your choice.

With Open-Root, you can "waste" and communicate as you feel it

You no longer have to choose your domain names or TLDs by default, due to a lack of availability: creation of event venues, conference, product launch, new project ... everything becomes possible.