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We are selling TLDs, not renting. It is another concept of internet naming, a simple idea developed by Louis Pouzin, inventor of the datagram, one of the basic internet protocols.
One Root, all routes... Finally use all network capabilities
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Case studies
The Commonwealth http://cw.cw
The Commonwealth is a 53 independent states volunteer organization. These countries have come together to form an association with some common aims. A Secretary General takes care of the day-to-day matters of the Commonwealth of...
Global Internet Governance at Mexico Colmex 30.11.2016

Before the Forum of Internet Governance (IGF) to be held in Guadalajara (Mexico) from 5 to 9 December 2016, Louis Pouzin give a Conference on Global Internet Governance - Mexico COLMEX (www.colmex.mx). _ _ This conference will...
Open-Root Strengths
The offer is simple and pragmatic: no complicated file to fill, no need to be a network engineer to understand how it works. The Open-Root client is coached in his approach, whether he needs a TLD for his small/medium business,...
Towards new internet uses
Opening the name space is really an opportunity to communicate with intuitive terms. You could create a new internet environment, more ergonomic, open to all: individuals, small businesses, not for-profit companies, industry. With...